I have held my relations as the highest priority in my life. I have never believed myself as much my parents do. They struggled to get me good food, education and even today their prayer keeps me going.

Whenever I am at a break from my busy technology reign, I wish to get cuddled in her arms who is my best friend, advisor, mentor, teacher and of course the role that of a wife. Life was a roller coaster for me. All those ups, she was consistently behind me and all those downs, she held me tight not allowing me to fall. This was the best ever gift, the Supreme Power gave me.

I would never have imagined me to go through a second childhood before being old. This little wonder taught me everything. How to be patient, how to enjoy life and lessons go endless. Aarav is my everything today and I wish he grow up to be a great human being and a proud son.

Time and again, if one person proved to be with me is my little brother. Now a big man himself, employed and living his dream, he is always the little one for me and my primary strength.

My sister Dhanya is an amazing sibling who had gifted me a wonderful Nephew Aditya. His cuteness is endless and these memories and experience keep me running.

Dhanesh Nair's Family'
From the Left Standing - Dhanya Nair, Santhosh, Dhanej Nair, Dhanesh Nair, Aarav Nair, Ambily Ravindran
From the left Sitting - Aditya Nair, Rajamma (Grand Mother), R Latha Kumari, N Kuttan Nair

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Dhanesh Nair

Dhanesh Nairs

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Quick Bio

Parents N Kuttan Nair & R Latha Kumari
Spouse Ambily Ravindran
Son Aarav Dhanesh Nair
Interest Entrepreneurship, Software Design, Writer, Photography
Siblings Dhanej Nair, Dhanya Nair

I have never thought what I would have become, if I am not a Software Engineer. I saw computers for the first time in Indian Space Research Organization, Mahendragiri in my fourth grade. That day computers crept into my mind and then on I was keen to become a computer scientist.

I got my first computer on 2001, A Pentium IV, 256 MB SD RAM, 40 GB Hard disk with an Intel Mother Board. I couldn't sleep the night before the day we went to take the computer home. Then on I started spending with it, working on C++ Lab Programs, playing Maxpayne whole night. While my little brother giving me company, my parents thought I was working hard for my future.

In spite watching Movies and Playing games, those days laid the foundation of Software Engineering, Creativity using Flash and uncontrolled mischiefs. I connected our phone line to computer to make it an answering machine and many of friends thought I was too rich to afford personal answering machines which were rare then.

I started creating fun programs to impress. First was an inspired VB dialog which asking for a date to my crush. Mouse pointer would reposition the button "No" and she had only option to click "Yes".Later I found it straightforward to create utilities to manage my daily task like taking backup, removing duplicate files, etc.

That journey started in Windows world, moved to Web and now to AI. The application I created using Neural Network Prediction Algorithm for Energy Saving was selected as the only final software project among 150K employees in Infosys.

My dream to enrich the less empowered people in India, especially women like my Mom who has a lot of talent and potential but doesn't have any opportunities to live their dreams. I hope that when the right time comes, I would succeed in making my dream to reality.

Quick Bio

Subject of Interest Machine Learning, Retail
Software Interest Designing New Ideas
Process Expertise Agile, CMMI
Opensource/Crowd Contribution Stack Overflow Contribution, Beta Testing,,LinkedIn Blog Post
Experience 12.2 Years including 1 year as a Corporate Trainer

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As everything else, my affinity towards Literature started from a flashback story. When a Kid, I use to play Anthakshari (spoken parlor game played in India, Malayalam: Aksharaslokam) with my family members and friends. Whenever I didn't know a song, I use to create one, tune it instantly and sing it as a poem/movie song.

During our School Anniversary competition, I had always taken part in elocution, poetry competitions. Once my young friend published his poem in a magazine and he was showing it to all. That is when it inspired to me write something of my own. Later, though it turned out to be his father wrote the poem and published it in his name, my love towards writing Poetry and Stories never took backstage. I won several Inter-State Competitions, published in College Magazines and finally awarded by Prathidhwani for a Story written by me.

I kept writing blog and poems often. It was then I came to the United States in Work Deputation. My dream to learn a musical instrument which once flopped while discontinuing the flute class, got its wings. Now I am learning to play Acoustic Guitar from my guitar instructor, Mike.

Since I joined Philips, I was the event organizer and anchor for several organization-wide events. During the sendoff party, I was worried that none talked about my technical contributions but was emphasizing my cultural activities. I limited these activities to vertical-wide events in Schneider and concentrated more on Technical contributions.

Handling the crowd was never difficult for me. It is then I was invited to a college for Technical Symposium inauguration. From then I had attended few tech talks and I still do through Youtube & Blogs in here.

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Photography is best passion to run away from the daily chores and immerse in the art. Lovely people to click, Awesome Landscape.

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